Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Geese this morning . . .

A beautiful, if somewhat overcast, morning walk today. The ocean, beach and wildflowers were much the same as every morning, but a noisy flock of wild geese surprised us by landing close enough so that we could snap a quick picture. The photo shows only a few of the geese near the edge of the Mad River, but we estimated that there were about 80 in the entire group.

It seems that most every morning walk has some kind of small surprise. One of the more memorable was when we came upon a large skunk enjoying grubs in an open area near some new homes overlooking the ocean. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me on that walk, but fortunately we weren't close enough to upset the creature!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Marsh Morning

Continuing with the birthday news, I have decided to tell you about my morning's adventure. This was meant to be a morning to celebrate my walking partner’s 62nd birthday. Rather than our usual beautiful walk along the trail that overlooks the ocean, we went to the Arcata marsh. One can only appreciate the marsh if they have been there, but their website and my photos may give you an idea of what it is like.

The plan was a leisurely walk around the marsh and then a stop for latte and quiche at the Café Brio on the Arcata plaza. Well, we did follow that plan, but there was a surprise along the way. My friend picked us up (I was with my trusty companion, Opie) this morning at 7 AM and we rode the brief (about 4 miles) trip to the marsh with no problems. When we pulled up into the deserted parking area we noticed white smoke/steam billowing from under the hood!!! Could this be a loosed/burst hose? It appeared that all the water was gone!!!

Fortunately one of us had a cell phone and a call to a friend resulted in the arrival of a van (suitable for the two of us along with our dogs) after our sedate stroll around the paths of the marsh. The five of us (counting the dogs) proceeded to the Café and our quiche and latte’s with my friend working the cell phone. My friend with the birthday had only the morning off from work, but she managed to contact a towing company and mechanic from our table outside the café. One of the benefits of living in a small community is that the tow truck driver agreed to pick her up at the café so that the other friend (who had brought her van) and I could return home. About an hour later, the birthday girl dropped by to return my cell phone and she reported that all was well. The car had been towed and was in the shop and she would be using her 93 year old mother’s car for the rest of the day.

Just one more small adventure successfully concluded.

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