Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass Cupcake Truffles

Finally . . . we are back to the blog!

We have been incredibly busy since 'Niche: The Show' in Las Vegas in early June. We were overwhelmed with orders and here is a good part of the reason why. We introduced our new little Cupcake Truffles.

We couldn't resist!!! What could possibly be more fun than a cupcake truffle. They are small, affordable, and designed to elicit a smile. They are a collector's dream . . . unique, colorful and very, very special!

Our miniature glass cupcake sculptures are somewhat larger, sized in the tradition of Victorian Hand Coolers. They are made to nestle refreshingly in your palm while tempting you with thoughts of tasteful indulgence.

All of our miniature and truffle glass cupcakes are solid glass. Each one is a unique piece of original glass sculpture that is signed, dated and the bottom is covered in felt. Each cupcake comes packaged in its own box.

Check out all of our cupcakes HERE!

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