Friday, September 12, 2008

One of a Kind Gallery, Charleston, SC

One Of A Kind Gallery was founded by Terri and Carlos Gould in 1999. The gallery is located in Charleston, South Carolina, which is the home of historic "Rainbow Row".

In 1931, Dorothy Legge purchased 99 and 101 East Bay, beginning the renovation of the area between Tradd and Elliot Streets. Originally these mid-1700 homes had been the center of commerce; merchants had stores on the first floor and lived on the floors above. Neglect over time left these valuable buildings in a state of disrepair. The purchase and restoration by Mrs. Legge inspired others, and today this beautiful array of homes is known as "Rainbow Row".

These old row houses are very popular in Charleston. They represent the very first style of Charleston homes and are portrayed in the story of Porgie and Bess.

Recently Carlos Gould completed some drawings depicting the historic buildings. He incorporated the drawings into a custom design for a special box for our clear glass chocolate drops. These beautiful boxes can be found only at One of A Kind Gallery, 74A North Market in Charleston, SC 29401. Visit their website at

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